Invoice Split App

Baldscone has produced a simple iPhone app to help with Tim’s accounting.

Invoice Split helps you to calculate the correct amounts of income tax and/or VAT to save every time an invoice gets paid. Quickly calculate the amount of VAT to keep aside for HMRC, how much to set aside for income tax, and more importantly how much ends up being your money to spend! Easily work out how much VAT was included without having to grab a calculator.

For more on Invoice Split visit the app’s dedicated page here.

Best Place To Work iPhone App

Baldscone was recently asked to develop this iPhone application for a client. The application allows users to browse, download and view PDF files. It is a free app and uses several custom coded views – namely the main menu slider view. New PDFs can be updated or added at anytime by the client while the user can navigate each PDF using pinch gestures to zoom, double tap to resize and swipes to flip pages etc.

Download it from the App Store for free now if you are interested in a job!

VerifyError: Error #1024: Stack underflow occurred

Wow – I’d never seen this one before. So I’m putting up here to remind me what to look for if I ever see it again!

Basically I had a SWF that ran fine in debug build mode in FlashDevelop but if I set it to compile as a release version this error soon appeared.
On closer inspection it turns out that in the line that was crashing (which was hard to find in itself) I was using a variable named “h” in a loop. The clue was that this var h:DisplayObject was coloured green by the compiler and therfore most likely an internal variable in a parent class. All I did was change it for something a bit more descriptive and unique and it all compiled. So lessons learnt – listen to the code highlighting hints and don’t be lazy and use short variable names!


A bit of searching also suggested that it may be a Flex 4.1 SDK related bug as I would have assumed that the compiler would give you a warning even when compiling a debug version. If anyone can shine any more light on this one please post.