Music & production

Occasionally I get to indulge my passion composing the odd bit of theme music or soundtrack for my day job as a freelance digital designer/programmer. If you need some music composed for any digital media please get in touch with the contact form below.

Amp Room Rock Demo
A quick rock mix to test UAD’s new Amp Room plugins.

Ska Theme
My latest title track for a kids games CD-ROM.
[audio:|titles=Ska Theme|artists=Tim Johnson|autostart=no|loop=yes]

Football Federation Australia DVD
In 2009 I did a bunch of tracks for a football training DVD.

Title Sequence Video

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Intro Track – Hearty Heart
A short mix of the first track to give you a flavour.
[audio:|titles=Hearty Heart|artists=Tim Johnson|autostart=no|loop=yes]

Amen Funk
Just a little funk jam really. Not even finished but I just kind of like it.
[audio:|titles=Amen Funk|artists=Tim Johnson|autostart=no|loop=yes]

Kangaman Beach Theme
The theme music I created for a kids cricket CD-ROM entitled “Kangaman’s Beach Adventures”.
[audio:|titles=Dreadlock Kangaman|artists=Tim Johnson|autostart=no|loop=yes]

Friday Night Shred
Just a bit of a gratuitous rock guitar shredding jam. Harmless sonic fun.
[audio:|titles=Friday Shred|artists=Tim Johnson|autostart=no|loop=yes]

Cricket Australia Umpiring Guide Theme
The theme music I created for an instructional cricket software title the “Cricket Australia Umpiring Guide
[audio:|titles=DnB House|artists=Tim Johnson|autostart=no|loop=yes]

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