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Invoice Split helps you to calculate the correct amounts of income tax and/or VAT to save every time an invoice gets paid. Quickly calculate the amount of VAT to keep aside for HMRC, how much to set aside for income tax, and more importantly how much ends up being your money to spend! Easily work out how much VAT was included without having to grab a calculator.

Perfect for anyone that invoices with or without VAT such as self employed sole traders or registered for VAT contractors.

Easily adjust the amount you wish to keep aside for income tax instalments and optionally how much VAT you need to put aside too.

Don’t worry about getting caught short by HMRC next time you have a tax instalment or VAT bill due!

Click on the main image or here to download from the App Store.


Support and Feedback

If you have any feedback, support questions or suggestions please email me here at via the contact form.

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