Innocent – The Gang’s Garden

As part of a promotion for Innocent Drinks, Baldscone was asked to develop this online competition experience for kids to explore. Using pack codes from drinks packs, kids can enter three different competitions. This richly animated site has areas for uploading photos, viewing submitted entries, information packs on different seeds and even its own weather system.

From a technical perspective it hooks into a number of databases to enter kids into the various competitions and also uses a few techniques to save user data across various sub-domains.

As this site was a temporary promotion it is no longer live – see here for a video of it on YouTube.

Innocent Facebook FruitPicker Game

Baldscone was recently involved in developing an exciting Facebook Game for Innocent Juices. Games such as Flight Control and Harbour Master on the iPhone/iPad were the inspiration behind this game where the user has to navigate fruit pickers to deliver their fruit without them colliding.

Technically this game uses a custom written 2D vector physics engine to control the Fruit Pickers and line drawing algorithms involving some serious geometry and line smoothing calculations. The game was written with several optimisation techniques and hooks up to a securely encrypted back end over HTTPS and Javascript. Quite a game to work on but so far its proving pretty addictive! how people are scoring over 600 I have no idea – I only ever managed about 180!

The promotion ended but here is a screen capture for prosperity.

Temple of Boon

As part of the 2005 World Cup cricket cmpaign we were asked to come up with a game for the VB Boonanza doll promotion. We ended up going for a Donkey Kong style game where Boony has to get the World Cup trophy by climbing the scaffolding at the MCG and flicking a few switches along the way. The game was coded in AS3 and took around 2 weeks to produce.

It was originally hosted on the Cricket Australia site but has since been taken down after the promotion ended. I have a link to it here hosted on my server if you wish to play it just click on the preview image above.