Cricket Australia Coaching Guide

Baldscone (as co-founder of Deepbase Creative) was involved in the conception, creation and development of this comprehensive coaching resource for accredited Australian cricket coaches.
The commercially available software solution features:
  • 40 Skills of Cricket explained with full screen video and key coaching points by Australian team players and coaches.
  • Over 35 cricket games and activities illustrated using 3D drill diagrams which can also be printed out.
  • An interactive Training Organiser for coaches to assemble their coaching sessions.
  • Fully updateable content via an internet connection.
  • Original composed music accompanying  all sections.
  • Measureable usage via online statistics gathering viewable by the client.
  • Delivered on both PC and MacOSX platforms.
This resource is now being used by Cricket Australia in all their accreditation training courses and is commercially available via Cricket Australia’s online store.